GENERAL INFORMATION What kind of art can be commissioned?

  • People, anthros and NSFW are all allowed!

What should I provide with my order?

  • Example images of various elements from your order are required, whether drawn or photo material. When giving descriptions, please provide it in bullet point styled format with only the most relevant information.

Commission process

  • Approximate time to complete a piece is 4-7 weeks, depending on the complexity and promptness of client's responses.

  • Updates about the commission progress are sent every 7-14 days, and the opportunity to give feedback or request changes will be provided. After every update work on the commission will be paused until approval or edit requests have been sent in by the client. Drawing over any material I send to better show what you would like changed is welcome!

Current status of individual commissions can be viewed on Trello.

  • The prices on the pricelist are all starting prices. Depending on the complexity, details, and the amount of characters the price can increase. An exact price quote can only be made after all the order information has been handed in.

  • Payments are made via Paypal invoices and fully upfront. Partial payments can be discussed only on commissions of over $150. The commissioned image will only be finished after the full payment has been made.


  • Finished artwork will not be refunded. Full refunds will not be provided and partial refunds are only provided if two progress updates have not yet been sent in.


  • 3 moderate revisions (they do not require redraw of more than 50% of the image) during or after the commission is done are free. More, or bigger adjustments will cost an additional fee.

LEGAL Rightful use of commissioned art

  • Commissioned images are intended for non-commercial use. They cannot be used to advertise people, businesses, or products, cannot be mass-produced or used for profit in any other form.

  • For commercial use: The use will have to be discussed beforehand and will increase the price accordingly. Depending on the use, a contract will have to be set up.

  • I reserve the right to use the final commission and process work leading up to the final commission in my portfolio, social media sites, websites, galleries, books, etc. unless agreed otherwise. The commissioned image will never and cannot be used for prints or in blockchain-related technologies, NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.

Right of Termination

  • I reserve the right to immediately terminate the commission process (with proper refunds) if, from whatever reason, I am unable to continue work on the commission.

To place an order, please use the following form: